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Tom McClelland is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Previously he held posts at the universities of Warwick, Manchester and Glasgow and studied at the universities of Cambridge, York and Sussex. His research covers a range of overlapping topics in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, aesthetics and philosophy of business. His current focus is on affordance perception – an agent’s perception of opportunities for action in their environment – and the role that affordance perception plays in action selection. He has argued that we are sensitive not just to affordances for bodily actions like grasping, sitting and eating but to affordances for mental action like attending, imagining and deliberating.

Tom McClelland will give a lecture on Friday, May 28, in the context of the “Animal Cognition and Consciousness” module. The title of his lecture is “The Scope of Affordance Perception in Human and Non-Human Animals”.

Watch Tom McClelland's lecture at the window on the left, or visit the MA's channel on Youtube.